An analysis of the public service announcements according to elaboration likelihood

These include such users as those who know that they want an item, but do not know much about the detail of that item.

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However, these are weaker than those positive notions that central route processing forms. Specifically, the ELM has determined that when facing a message, people react by using either of two channels but sometimes a combination of both, tooreflecting the level of effort they need.

For example, Suzanne would be more likely to process the information in the product description through the central route, but utilize the star-rating filter as a peripheral route shortcut to viewing TVs highly rated by likeminded shoppers.

elaboration likelihood model study

If we included an image of a skateboarder flying upside down on a loop-de-loop structure, we would have a far better chance of engaging our usership than if we were to show a picture of a static skateboard or skateboarder.

Does your design incorporate elements of persuasion that will help potential users become users? Amazon search results can be sorted and filtered by numerous variables.

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Your audience will pay less attention to the message itself while being influenced by secondary factors, such as source credibility, visual appeal, presentation, and enticements like food, sex, and humor. This is where our strong visual hierarchy starts helping the user on his journey.

This explains why Facebook asks why a user blocked an ad; not everyone finds a free trial of Viagra compelling, but eventually Facebook intends to crack the code on what each user finds relevant.

Strengths and weaknesses of elaboration likelihood model

The diversity of on- and off-line media options and the variants of consumer choice raise significant issues. What happened? You can guess how the scenario unfolds from here. A tale of two paths section4 Imagine two potential customers, both in need of a new television. I need to get a good board like that one, now! Then, take a closer look at your work. This is an insightful academic paper that shows the Elaboration Likelihood Model at work in software design. Planning for Accessibility Incorporating accessibility from the beginning of a web design project is easier, more effective, and less expensive than making accessibility fixes after the fact. If one of his friends tells him a few months later that he knows a place where Ben can get better wheels, Ben will be more likely to believe that and not come back to do business with us. Any attitudes formed or reinforced this way are thought to be more enduring and resistant to counter-arguments. These include such users as those who know that they want an item, but do not know much about the detail of that item. A user who feels directly impacted by a topic is more likely to process a message through the central route. What about text? He might get his son an upgrade at the end of the year, and he already knows what to look for.

What happened?

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The elaboration likelihood model: review, critique and research agenda