An introduction to the racial political realities and physical impossibilities

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Thus, we thrive in the longing for closeness, because it preserves the fantasmatic illusion that the Other represents the key to our sublime wholeness. Ethnicity: An African predicament.

Furthermore, the work of Nutini demonstrates that it is common for Indians to "become" Mestizo by mere acquisition of social and cultural traits regardless of phenotypic characteristics.

According to many popular perceptions, ethnic hierarchies and conflict are inevitable when contact occurs between different races or ethnicities. This book examines the depth of racial politics in Brazil and documents Afro-Brazilian activitists' struggles to bring about social justice for black Brazilians, focusing on the time period between and Figure 1 The encounter between two racial minority young women and a white mother and daughter.

American Behavioral Scientist, 40 1 Torres, Arlene and Whitten, N.

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Alternatively, racial embodiment takes form as an undifferentiated matter of being—an amorphous substance that only enters into form, being and meaning through symbolic representation language ; however, at the same time, it is blocked from our immediate access in the Symbolic, in language Bjerg, : The recognition of differences may be intensified as contacts between different groups grow.

Ethnic uniqueness thus provides an immediate identity marker both within a group and between groups. Such power relations rely on an obscene supplement—for instance the ambivalent affectivity of abjection, disgust and enjoyment—which sustains it only as long as this supplement remains in the shadow.

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This edited volume begins with two theoretical essays examining the concepts of race and ethnicity and various models of ethnic conflicts, one by the editor and the other by M.

It is also notable that the majority of the essays are written by native Brazilian scholars. Latin American Perspectives, 25 3 ,

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An introduction to the racial political realities and physical impossibilities