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In fact, the very notion of weather is a higher-level notion.

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On these latter characterizations of free will, understanding free will is inextricably linked to, and perhaps even derivative from, understanding moral responsibility. I decided a more thorough and systematic defense of free will against some of the skeptical challenges is needed.

Instead, we focus on arguments that human beings lack free will, against the background assumption that freedom and causal determinism are incompatible.

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Given that a proper understanding of the physical world is one in which all physical objects are governed by deterministic laws of nature, how does contingency and freedom fit into such a world? For instance, the experiment may not reflect the mental dynamics of other, more complicated decisions.

Think about weather forecasting.

are we free to make your own decisions or are we limited

For further discussion see the entry skepticism about moral responsibility. However, there is widespread controversy both over whether each of these conditions is required for free will and if so, how to understand the kind or sense of freedom to do otherwise or sourcehood that is required.

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Free Will (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)