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InEdwards introduced the bumbling Inspector Clouseau to an unsuspecting world in The Pink Panther, leading to a string of money-spinning Clouseau films starring Peter Sellers; actually, The Pink Panther was Edwards' second Clouseau movie, since A Shot in the Dark, although released after Panther, was filmed first.

That kind of discussion misses the contradictions that exist in the humanity and the humour of these films; it also fails to appreciate much of his artistry which is less concerned with the obvious, the gender issues, than it is with the tortuous passing of an era.

He turned to writing radio scripts, distinguishing himself on the above-average Dick Powell detective series Richard Diamond. Space is one method: the narrow passage of the submarine in Operation Petticoat is both a sexual metaphor and a venue for embarrassing sexual encounters between male and female.

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Affection dwells in the creative ways different eras and types of film tradition are incorporated into the films: cartoon, silent, western, screwball and romantic. He resorted to his writing pseudonym, Sam O Brown, after an extremely unhappy period of work on the crime comedy City Heat, starring Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds, which he had been slated to direct. In the late s he turned his attention to screenwriting, contributing first to the screenplay for Panhandle and then to the Mickey Rooney vehicles All Ashore and The Atomic Kid Related Stories. Lucky , contained many of the elements that made Peter Gunn popular, but suffered from a bad time slot and network interference. It was also a virulent and comic attack on the idiocies of showbusiness and a complex referral to both Edwards's past work and Hollywood itself. Success in our marriage was to take it one day at a time and so, lo and behold, 41 years later there we still were," Andrews revealed in during the interview commemorating The Sound of Music's 50th anniversary. In he joined forces with Tony Curtis on their first movie together, Mister Cory, starring Curtis as a guy who uses the path of a crooked gambler to escape the Chicago slums. Edwards enjoyed his first real commercial hit with the second world war comedy Operation Petticoat , cleverly uniting Curtis with the actor's hero Cary Grant. Blake started his own film career as an actor in ; he played bits in A-movies and leads in B-movies, paying his dues in such trivialities as Gangs of the Waterfront and Strangler of the Swamp both Highest Rated Movies. Edwards then shot two more Pink Panther sequels simultaneously: Trail of the Pink Panther and Curse of the Pink Panther , both of which suffered badly from the absence of the recently deceased Sellers. Sunset repeats the moving relationship of two cowboys in Wild Rovers. Sebelum memulai karier di dunia film sejak tahun , ia bekerja sebagai aktor dan penulis naskah, termasuk di antaranya tujuh naskah sandiwara untuk Richard Quine.

Akhirnya dia meninggal dunia pada 15 Desember dalam umur 88 tahun. While a few critics such as George Morris thought the film a major picture "it synthesizes every major Edwards theme: the disappearance of gallantry and honor, the tension between appearances and reality, and the emotional, spiritual, moral, and psychological disorder" in such a world.

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Edwards' track record in the s and '90s was uneven, with such films as Blind DateSunsetand Switch He has continued to work in the style of Hollywood classicism despite industrial and aesthetic changes. Edwards' second marriage from until his death was to Julie Andrews.

Maybe even then I was indicating that I wanted to give, not take, direction. The relationship between the director and the lead actor was considered a fruitful, yet complicated one, with many disagreements during production. Edwards surrounded himself with other regular collaborators, headed by Andrews, who famously appeared topless, bringing an end to her wholesome Mary Poppins image.

It was also a virulent and comic attack on the idiocies of showbusiness and a complex referral to both Edwards's past work and Hollywood itself.

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Edwards then devised a sitcom for Rooney, called Hey, Mulligan They worked together again on The Tamarind Seed , an espionage tale that also starred Omar Sharif. It was an archetypal Edwards film with a glittering, stylish surface and a dark undertone. Sadly, Edwards passed away in following a bout with pneumonia. Highest Rated Movies. Nevertheless, the director's rehabilitation seemed complete enough for the US to welcome him back, and he made the riotously successful 10 , with Dudley Moore as a randy, middle-aged composer who grades his girlfriends numerically. After their immense success with the first two Pink Panther films, The Pink Panther and A Shot in the Dark , which adapted many silent-film aspects, including slapstick, they attempted to go even further in The Party
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Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards' Love Story