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A panel of judges would decide winning plays from an array of playwrights who presented their works before the audience. There remains something unsettling about its plot structure and its ambiguous meaning, and that is what lends it its power.

Crean further mentioned that the murderer of past king, Laius, was still residing in Thebes.

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Oedipus the King is a narration depicting how we take our lifetime journeys depending on our choices. For example, in some of the adaptations, Jocasta has been portrayed as an intelligent, independent sexually liberated figure.

When this terrible truth is revealed, Jocasta hangs herself, and Oedipus puts out his own eyes and leaves Thebes, going into self-imposed exile so he can free the Thebans from the plague.

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Oedipus the King is a narration depicting how we take our lifetime journeys depending on our choices. With all of these revelations, Oedipus calls forth to the citizens of Thebes to come forward with any information, which may lead to the death or exile of the murder. Men were the main actors in these plays and they performed against a temporary backdrop. By searching for the truth and trying to change his fate, Oedipus was damned to live out the rest of his life in agony. In a way, the adaptation is autobiographical and it draws its strength from the design and picturesque landscape of the setting. Was predicted to kill his father, procreate with his mother, and produce children that would be unbearable to sight. Oedipus name is a direct reference to the fact that he was left on the side of a mountainside with his ankles pinned together; that injury symbolizes how his movements within destiny have been restricted since his birth. Tiresias agrees to leave but only after he gives his divination. It is this prophecy that is the beginning and the end of Oedipus and his undoing.

Sophocles was known for presenting characters that are fluid not static. Sophocles actually wrote this play before he wrote Oedipus, but it follows Oedipus in chronological order.

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Critical Analysis of “Oedipus the King”