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Symbolically, Laura falls on her only attempt to go on to the fire escape. Many of the legends seem unnecessary. Develop an argument in which you identify whether one of the characters copes better than the others, and explain why.

All quotes contain page numbers as well. The person to be redeemed is of course Laura.

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Scene 5, in which Tom breaks the news that Jim is coming for dinner, begins with the legend "Annunciation," a term which refers to the message brought by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. Discuss Williams's use during the play of a screen bearing images or titles. He is a purely symbolic figure for the Wingfields. So too in the supper scene, when Laura lies on the sofa, taking no part in the conversation, the light is still focused on her. And when Tom says he likes a lot of adventure, the image that appears, "Sailing vessel with Jolly Roger," suggests Tom's later departure for the sea. In this way, Glass Menagerie is an origin story for the absentee men of Williams' later work. The glass menagerie serves as a means of fantasy and escape for Laura , and an object of eventual scorn for her brother, Tom.

Tom, on the other hand, is presented to the reader as the person who is expected to provide for the family, though his ability to do so is limited. For a woman such as Amanda, deserted by her husband sixteen years ago, the economic situation is precarious.

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Would you include it? When she drops out of college, her prospects are even worse. Tom deliberately brings attention to this breach of realism: "In memory everything seems to happen to music.

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The purpose, according to Williams's production notes, was to stress the most important points in each scene.

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