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But there are many other factors seeking attention.

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It is easy for them to launch into the coffee industry and take market share from Starbucks. However, the rising availability of home-use specialty coffee machines is a threat to Starbucks because it increases the availability of substitutes to Starbucks products. Today, Starbucks have over 21, stores in 64 countries. It opened as a single small store opened in and became a coffee giant at the end of the millennium. Recently Apple and Starbucks collaborated to provide new music to Starbucks customers over their in store Wi-Fi service. Also, most governments around the world are improving infrastructure, which creates the opportunity for Starbucks to access more markets or suppliers. Today, Starbucks Liqueur is generating strong consumer demand that lead to a successful market in restaurants, bars and traditional retail outlets Starbucks Corporation, Environmental There have been several concerns about the business practices of Starbucks from the activists, international advocacy groups, and from the consumers themselves.

Starbucks also has the opportunity to offer more of its products in recyclable packaging. The company was able to offer Fair Trade Certified Coffee, community contributions, and Green House Gas Emissions studies while making monster profits in a highly competitive market.

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Post navigation. This is an added value to the brand. In the current economic state, their prices have caught up to them causing their demand to decrease. The number of the coffee bean providers is large, so Starbucks can be strict with the quality of the coffee beans and lower the coffee bean prices. The company treats employees as the most valuable asset for the company and empowers them to make decisions. Therefore the substitute product posed no threat to Starbucks. Most stores also sell packaged food items, hot and cold sandwiches. Roper, K. It has worked with Apple and introduced discounted coupons via iPhone apps.

HIA Ltd. Conclusion The preceding analysis proves the point that Starbucks is operating in a relatively stable external environment. Socio-Cultural Though Starbucks can offer cheaper alternatives as mentioned previously, it has to do so without sacrificing the quality and this is the key socio cultural challenge that the company faces as it expands its consumer base to include the consumers from the lower and the middle tiers of the income pyramid.

Companies such as Starbucks are normally price takers and are not able to exert a large degree of influence over the price they can charge.

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The sales growth has been increased through their international business and it targeted international markets of Europe, Middle East, New Zealand, and Australia.

Starbucks revenue is generated both from company-operated retail stores and from specialty operations. These improved choices can fit in with most health conscious lifestyles which may stop consumers from visiting the less healthy competitors. What is able to protect Starbucks market share is its brand.

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Starbucks locations serve hot and cold beverages, whole-bean coffee, full-leaf teas, pastries, and snacks. This external factor is a threat because it makes business expansion more difficult for Starbucks, especially in developing countries.

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Starbucks has become the most recognized and respected brand with strong consumer demand due in no small part to their rapid market expansion and global operating strategy. This external factor is a threat because it makes business expansion more difficult for Starbucks, especially in developing countries. The lack of product choices has made some consumers choose Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds for flavored coffees and more food choices. Competitive analysis Starbucks has to compete with every possible outlet a consumer has in order to satisfy their need for specialty and plain coffee beverages and pastries. Harvard Business School. This move was largely seen as an effort to combat improved coffee offerings from fast food giants McDonalds and Burger King. They have proven a strong interest in innovating new technology and machines that are able to dry, roast, package, and brewing their high quality coffee. Starbucks also has the opportunity to offer more of its products in recyclable packaging.

In order to maintain high quality coffee, they ensure coffee production protection from workplace hazards, achieve coffee growing and processing standards, offer higher incomes and expand employments and education opportunities for producers Starbucks Corporation, Starbucks continues to focus on expanding their existing store base across current markets with a particular focus on China Starbucks Corporation, Protection of coffee growers to achieve future supply Starbucks makes long-term relationship with their suppliers by supporting suppliers development and focusing on creating supplier performance improvements that can be aligned with Starbucks values.

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External Environment Analysis of Starbucks