Fbi and the virtual case file

? what was the need that made fbi undertake the vcf software development project

Many of the bureau's network components were no longer manufactured or supported. In order to make both criminal and terrorist investigation information readily accessible throughout the FBI, major changes to the standardized FBI processes would be required.

In addition, the VCF would include a case management system, an evidence management system, and a records management system.

Fbi and the virtual case file

Higgins had reassured the senators—and scored some choice memorabilia: a Senate coaster and her nameplate for her scrapbook. DynCorp committed to delivering its two components by July Basically, people would log off from ACS on Friday afternoon and log on to the new system on Monday morning.

At the end of — well over two years into the project — the FBI hired a contractor to perform these project integration duties when it became apparent that a professional project integrator was needed to effectively complete the project. They lacked skill sets such as qualified software engineering, program management and contract management in their personnel.

He also mentioned Bedford, Mass. As the group started walking to the restaurant, Higgins, surrounded by agents in dark suits and sunglasses, asked them to stop so she could savor the moment.

A report by the OIG in late describes Sentinel and its status at that time. The intention was to eliminate the need for FBI employees to scan hard-copy documents into computer files.

In reaction to the new deadline, SAIC broke its VCF development group into eight teams, working in parallel on different functional pieces of the program, in order to finish the job faster.

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Virtual Case File