Four little girls

I always felt that one of the reasons that I had got into filmmaking was that I wanted to use my craft to be able to say something about the human condition, however I could, in my own humble way.

In spring ofKing was arrested after leading members of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference SCLC in several nonviolent demonstrations in support of desegregation in Birmingham.

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At a. Witnesses are reluctant to talk and physical evidence is lacking, so charges are not filed. Johnson was pushing what would become the Civil Rights Act of through the U. He wants to disassociate himself from the crime. It's sort of associated with the morgue photos, I think. On December 13, , Alabama voters elected Jones to the U. Senate on a Democratic ticket — brought charges against two other assailants were charged with the murders of the little girls. Over 50 years later, the narrative seems to be very similar. In , when she was 19, she was the first black woman to desegregate the University of Georgia. She was the adopted daughter of Claude and Gertrude Wesley.

He shifted to a documentary. Senate, in a surprise victory. We must never forget. George Wallace makes his famous vow to stand in the schoolhouse door and personally bar any black students from entering. InCarole Robertson was 14, and her Girl Scout sash was covered with merit badges.

Four little girls

The demonstrations were covered by national media, and the use by police of police dogs and pressured water from hoses on young people, shocked the nation.

Today she is an NPR correspondent. Four little girls were dressed in their Sunday best for the morning services of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama on September 15, I'm a stickler for the facts.

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Herman Frank was never charged and died in

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