Improving motivation and job satisfaction at the laredo federal credit union essay

Motivated to do the job and motivated to stay interested. When a company has motivated employees, production and sales rates increase, customer relations improve, the work environment becomes safer, morale increases, and turnover rates decrease.

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Specifically, list how much profit each branch makes on a monthly basis. Having motivated employees increases morale in an organization. Providing an open and friendly environment increases the psychological aspect of a warm and friendly environment versus a stark and cold work setting, thereby increasing employee satisfaction, and work production. Finally, the report will analyze the data collected by the population survey and suggest recommendations based on the conclusions derived from secondary research. Let each employee know whom he or she can talk to when there is a problem or when help is needed. The goals of this report are to 1 Determine the current level of motivation and job satisfaction at the LFCU 2 Explain why employees become unmotivated, 3 Identify the consequences a company endures with unmotivated employees, 4 Discuss strategies or techniques organizations can use to motivate their employees, and 5 Illustrate the positive consequences a company enjoys with motivated employees. But, does money really motivate? The positive energy shared by all employees will increase the chances of the company achieving its goals, together as a team.

Laredo Federal Credit Union can be included among those organizations with unmotivated employees. Developing a rewarding system for continuously motivating employees, that works for all employees, is among one of the biggest challenges companies face.

Once achieved, both managers and employees should celebrate success. Let employees know what areas need improvements and how they can help management meet its goals.

It is how each company communicates to employees and the type of message that is sent across that will drive employees to respond. Through secondary research, using the American Business Index, this thorough report will provide crucial information about motivating employees.

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One of the most detrimental aspects of poor employee motivation is the high turnover with staff. Eighty percent of the respondents feel they are given the opportunity to develop their abilities. Surprisingly, a review of the literature showed that employee motivation is not driven by financial incentives, but instead by setting out clear and concise goals and expectations.

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