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Price has given us a valuable study that is not only readable and thoroughly documented, but does what few historians succeed in doing.

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But political disturbances in England prevented Roanoke's supporters from re-supplying the colony until —and when supplies finally arrived that year, the ship carrying them found the colony completely empty, and only one mysterious word—"Croatoan"—scratched on a post offered a clue as to the colonists' fate.

Slavery was a complete violation. In the summer ofhe enlisted with Austrian forces in Hungary that were fighting the occupying armies of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, the Muslim superpower that had conquered much of Central Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.


Raleigh tried one more time, in , to find his lost colonists, but he turned up nothing. By the end of the 17th century, Virginia was England's most valuable colony. The "fun fact" from the book that stays with me is that England's King James wrote a commentary entitled "A Counterblaste to Tobacco" in which he said that tobacco blackens the lungs and is harmful to the brain. The true meaning of the word "gentleman" in those days is suggested by the George Chapman farce Eastward Ho, involving adventurers making ready for a voyage to Virginia; one character instructs another, "Do nothing; be like a gentleman, be idle; the curse of man is labor. His father, George Smith, had other ideas and succeeded in stopping him. Smith, at the other end of the social scale, was born in in rustic Willoughby by Alford, Lincolnshire, to a simple farm family, putting him just one rung above peasanthood. At the center of Price's narrative is the clash of cultures between the newcomers, led by Captain John Smith, and the natives, represented by Chief Powhatan and his daughter Pocahontas. After a series of fruitless attempts by the English to create an outpost in North America, the voyagers of finally broke through. Here he experienced a taste of meritocracy: with individual excellence and contribution came respect and advancement. It is significant local history, nonetheless, and a microcosm within which to consider the implications of Europeans upon this continent. His fortunes took a decided turn for the worse on a cold winter's day in , when he was captured on the battlefield in present-day Romania.

Haunting the sea lanes used to deliver Spain's New World fortunes, plundering Spanish gold and silver, they became legendary as national heroes in England and villainous pirates in Spain. Soldiering was to be his ticket out.

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Unlike other women from her tribe, she chose her destiny and went, sometimes, against her own people if it meant keeping her conscience clear. He was of slightly below-average height, even by the standards of his time, measuring in at perhaps five-foot-three or five-foot-four, but he was stocky and tough.

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See, Raleigh arranged for 75 settlers to be deposited there in , but they had to be removed after conflicts with the local Indians. Descriptions of Spain's brutal enslavement of Indians and Africans circulated widely in England. Raleigh tried one more time, in , to find his lost colonists, but he turned up nothing. The extraordinarily well-written book reads like a drama-packed novel and, though comprehensive, it is mercifully short at pages. There is certainly kindness mixed with cruelty, appreciation of the landscape and manifold efforts to peacefully prosper mixed with arrogance, avarice, laziness, and ignorance. Soldiering was to be his ticket out. It may be archetypally American to print the legend when legend and facts are in conflict. Perhaps fortunately for the natives of Roanoke Island, Ralegh himself never set foot in the New World.
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