Plant tissue culture research paper

KO cv. Meristm tip culture, 0. The earliest reports on controlled organogenesis in vitro were by White who obtained shoots on callus of a tobacco hybrid and by Nobecourtwho observed root formation in carrot callus.

Hardening of plants imparts some tolerance to moisture stress and plants become autotrophic from heterotrophic condition. These plantlets yield highly valuable transgenic plants. Culture of Shoot Apices and Leaves of Plant Tissue Culture: Like roots, isolated shoot apical meristems and leaf primordia can also be grown in sterile culture.

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In cultured materials it has been possible to study such process as differentiation of a parenchyma cell into tracheid i. If the material is fairly hard, as are some fruits and seeds, it may be surface sterilized by rinsing in alcohol.

Anther Culture and Haploid Production Nirmala Maheshwari and Lal excised the flowers of Iberis amara one day after pollination and planted them on agar nutrient media. These all constituents are dissolved in distilled water. Here, young embryos also die on the degeneration of endosperm.

Plant tissue cultures are often classified according to the type of in vitro growth, such as callus and suspension cultures, or the explants used for culture initiation, e. Research Paper 7.

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Research Paper on Plant Tissue Culture