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Positioning is the last one and it is the most important. InIndia was not doing so great as a country. According to Lang, some of the alternatives to promote sales were focusing on marketing the premium products and persuading customers to switch to high range oral care products.

This would help the consumers know what it is that they want and know that there is something that they can also afford.

Report on cottle taylor

This type of marketing would be used more heavily. LangCs proKected unit growth rate of 3?

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This caused the problem of not even being aware about the importance of the modern health care. Persuading consumers to brush for the first time. Words: , Paragraphs: 10, Pages: 6 Publication date: April 08, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! One of the many alternatives could be introducing an oral care program in school so that awareness could begin at an earlier age. Secondly she wanted to increase the incidence of brushing. Also promoting there advantages like reduction in gum bleeding etc would be beneficial in promoting such products to high end markets. Her plan was to reward regions that met or exceed sales objectives and to reorganize those that underperformed. Billboards, television, radio wer key media channels which should be targeted by the brand.

First of all, only a small subset of wealthy consumers could afford battery-operated toothbrushes. Population control campaigns had succeeded in slowing growth rates to 1"? These advertisements would be placed and targeted in the rural regions where they were using the twig methods of dental car This type of advertising would be low income, using the 12mm budget for advertising.

Second, higher-income shoppers frequented supermarkets and Cottle India established good relationships with those.

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Patel was more concerned with focusing on persuading consumers to brush for the first time and subsequently increasing incidence of brushing.

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Cottle Taylor: Expanding the Oral Care Group in India Essay Example