Sanitary napkin business plan

Sanitary pad business start up

To strategies organize surveys and gender mapping of your area. Which type of women will your project reach directly? You can take online courses, read books or get practical training. What might prevent that success? Investment ideas Starting a Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Company — Sample Business Plan Template Once a woman gets to her adolescent stage, she starts to see her monthly circle and also her period which occurs once a month; and lasts for four to five day. Kimberly-Clark agreed to provide it to the War Department at cost, refusing the chance to make a healthy profit. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. This new invention mini sanitary napkin making machine awarded the best innovation national award by President of India Prathiba Patil on 18th Nov,09 at New Delhi.

The most important factor in developing future products is market need. Complementary coupons are also intended so as to raise awareness of the company and its products. Starting a Sanitary pad production company is a very profitable business and as long as the female folks are still in existence; there will always be market for you sanitary pad.

The machine incorporates pinewood fiber, a raw material which goes through basic 4 step process: a de-fiberation, b core formation c sealing with soft touch sensitive heat control d sterilization.

sanitary napkin manufacturing project cost

Previously, in Japan, absorbent cotton was used for the purpose. Sanitary napkin is a product used by women during the menstrual period to treat menstruation.

Test favorite products to discover why they have many customers. You need to understand the production process or hire a consultant. Sanitary napkin market has huge potential in a country like India where feminine hygiene levels are reckoned to be appallingly low. Prior to this invention, women used and reused cloth rags — this was indeed groundbreaking stuff.

Gufic Biosciences Ltd. With this method, you may not make all the profits you plan to make immediately, but having a large base of customers that will willingly choose your sanitary pad over others in the market should be the first thing priority of your company or business goals not just profits.

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