The crucible film evaluation 2014 2015

First of all, I think that Abigail is a very manipulative character and this is shown in almost every passage of Arthur Millers writing.

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Is it possible to have sympathy for her character? Mary Warren is a girl who is forced with this inner turmoil throughout John Proctor, a good, honest man.

The action, depicting the events that instigated the Salem witch trials, gives a fictionalized account of those events, and offers a view into the colonists' religious and social values.

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Because this is a play, executions are mentioned as taking place or potentially taking place, but are not described in graphic detail. Congress' Committee on Un-American Activities. Miller uses three characters who manifest this internal battle ever so clearly.

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Young girls are responsible for the hangings of too many innocent lives; they claim that they have seen them the innocent citizens of Salem with the Devil.

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The Crucible Book Review