Write a nonfiction book in 30 dayss lane

To meet your word count goal, sometimes you need to turn off everything else and just write. Regardless of the publisher, be it yourself or a conventional one, as the author you'll need to be ready to appear online and face-to-face.

writing a nonfiction book for the first time

She blogs on writing and publishing for the Huffington Post. Most likely, the "why" and the "how" are much longer than the other 4 elements. As a hybrid author she has published 16 books and had as many as four books on the Amazon Top list at the same time. You must have the determination to put your butt in the chair every day for 30 days and churn out work.

I know plenty of novelists who write the first draft to their novels in 30 days. For instance, if the book requires a lot of ongoing research and verification, you'll probably need at least 4 hours per day reviewing materials and another 4 hours actually to write them down.

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How to Write a Good Nonfiction Book in a Month