Writing a resume summary of qualifications

A resume objective might be useful if you have limited work experience, like recent high school or college graduates.

writing a resume summary of qualifications

If you are lacking in the experience department, it might be better to try a different resume introduction. Have you helped turn a doomed project into a successful one?

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Here are examples of both. The typical hiring manager or recruiter, tasked with reviewing dozens — if not hundreds — of job applications, typically spend no more than six minutes reading submitted resumes.

Benefits Completing your resume with a summary of qualifications, or career summary will personalize your resume. By writing a qualifications summary, you can vastly improve your resume and stand out among the competition.

Have you headed off any successful projects? Resumes basically just gave your Objective, Work Experience, and Education. Do your research, check the employer's web site, and pick out the most important qualifications they're seeking.

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Here are several benefits of including a resume summary: Get noticed faster The first time they see your resume, employers will likely scan to see whether your profile is a good match for the job.

A common criticism of the qualifications summary is that it looks and feels like an additional professional experience section. An objective statement for a recent graduate entering a nursing program might say: Motivated Nursing student seeking to develop more extensive experience working with elderly patients.

It's important to take the time to write a career summary that is a strong match with your jobs of interest. The difference between these two lies mostly in their length and form.

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How to Write a Summary of Qualifications