Writing a song parody lesson plan

writing a song parody lesson plan

Play for your students the original Michael Jackson song, which they'll probably recognize, and then Weird Al's parody.

Setting up the Writer's Notebook page: Parody Launches. And give each group their IPAD with song choice. Since this is a learning community, I am hoping to learn a lot from you, as well! Have them compare and contrast the lyrics.

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Share the title song with your students. All you will need to do is pull up the karaoke track for each song. This is a fun way for the students to recall strategies, and to get them in the mindset for testing.

After hearing any answers, share the following: Overhead practice prompts for Thanksgiving Song Parodies The overhead has a complete version of a Row Your Boat parody that your students can sing--possibly as a round.

STEP 3: Next, I will explain that we will create a bubble map to help us brainstorm ideas for our own parodies.

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There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise! Be sure to celebrate David Catrow's hysterical pictures as you enjoy the parody songs. Init was revised to feature a Writer's Notebook pre-writing feature.

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Musings from the Middle School: Teach This Lesson Tomorrow